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Highway improvements

As part of the proposed development two new vehicle accesses will be created onto Monks Lane, shown below and marked as A. These works will be undertaken and paid for by the by the developer. In addition, an access is proposed via Warren Road. Highway improvements works will be required at the junction of Andover Road and along Warren Road in order to achieve this and will again be paid for by the developers.


A new road is also identified to connect with the A339 Newtown Road, marked C. Whilst planning permission is sought for this highway link, no part of the proposed development requires its construction. West Berkshire Council are seeking to fund and construct this link and have sought funding for this. A condition requiring construction of a secondary road with the first phase of development will allow it to be connected to the proposed linkroad

The Transport Assessment has also identified improvements to the local highway network at the following locations:

These works are to be controlled by means of planning condition.

The Community Infrastructure Levy, paid for by developers, identifies monies towards local highway networks. This excludes works directly associated with the proposed development, but could fund wider network improvements proposed by West Berkshire Council.


Public transport

The proposals seek to improve bus services to the site, linking the new residents to the town centre and train station. In the first instance, this route will be in the form of an internal loop from Monks Lane. With completion of the main access road between Monks Lane and Warren Road, a link between the two developments will create a bus route through the site.

The proposed development contains pedestrian and cycle routes which link into Newbury’s existing walking and cycling networks, with access to Monks Lane, Warren Road, Andover Road and Newtown Road. The development also incorporates proposed potential linkages to existing services and facilities in the locality, including to Newbury Rugby Club, Newbury College and Park House School, with wider links to Newbury town centre and the railway station.

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