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Alongside the comprehensive Outline Planning Application for the whole site, Bloor Homes Southern is preparing a Detailed Application for the northern parcel of land. This will look at development on the northern edge – along Monks Lane between Newbury College and Newbury Rugby Club – and will also include the development of the two accesses alongside a new primary school and up to 600 new homes.

We have also looked at what some of the houses may look like. We are using materials which reflect the local area. All houses are designed to be very energy efficiency, with insulation, double glazing, efficient appliances and water saving built in. 

The Northern Parcel - Masterplan (Click to enlarge)



Parking provision for the Northern Parcel

The proposals provide parking places which meet the standards set by West Berkshire Council. The number of spaces for each home are determined by its size and are set out below:

• 1-bed flats – 1 space + 1 visitor space for every six flats;

• 2-bed flats – 2 spaces + 1 visitor space for every nine flats;

• 2-bed houses – 2 spaces;

• 3/4-bed houses –2 spaces and  some with an additional 1 garage (larger 4 bed homes have a larger elongated garage for storage);

• 5-bed houses – 2 spaces and a double garage.

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