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The new comprehensive and community development aims to provide up to 2,000 new homes. These will be of all mix, size and tenures, designed to reflect the varied needs of residents in and around Newbury. These would include starter and small family homes alongside larger detached properties. Flats and apartments would form an element of the mix, ensuring that their height is in keeping with the design ethos of the new development.

We will be working with local housing associations to provide a mix of properties for shared ownership and rent, allowing residents who want to step onto the housing ladder a chance to do so. These will also be released in phases, alongside the private sale homes.

Design is playing a very important and key role in the formation of this development. Careful siting, selection of materials and landscaping will all play a role in balancing the setting with the need for new homes.

The proposals are split into a range of character areas, differing in their design and materials to reflect the surrounding landscape.


A range of facilities and issues have also been reviewed in detail.

A neighbourhood centre at the heart of the development will include a range of local services such as a community hall, shops, a striking new café and play equipment designed to support the new community.

Education provision has been carefully considered, with two new two form entry primary schools being included as part of the new development, as well as contributions towards expansion of secondary school places within the Town. This solution has been worked upon by Bloor Homes Southern alongside education officers at West Berkshire Council and will cater for the needs of residents of the new development.

Play areas and open space will also be an important part of the design and provision for residents, with equipped play areas within the development providing for new and existing residents, with cycle and pedestrian links through to the town.

Road access will be provided from Monks Lane, with two accesses to the development alongside a bus route and footpath/cycleway which runs through to Warren Road.

Sustainability is a core part of the proposals, with cycle and pedestrian friendly routes throughout the site and a bus link taking access from Monks Lane, through the local centre and out a bus only exit on Warren Road. The local centre includes a mini recycling centre and the site is designed to be served via a Sustainable Urban Drainage System, holding surface water during periods of heavy rain in naturalised balancing ponds before gently releasing the water into local watercourses.

Alongside this contributions will be made to existing provision of services in the town through s106 contributions. 

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