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Bloor Homes Southern has submitted three planning applications. An ‘Outline’ application will set out the principles of the wider development and this has been submitted alongside Donnington New Homes and the Sandleford Farm Partnership. This Outline Application will include land uses as well as detailed supporting studies into transport, education, landscape, utilities and other important issues. This is shown below.

 Overview masterplan - Click to enlarge


 The proposals will seek to deliver, in a series of phases, new homes and infrastructure including:

  • Up to 2,000 new homes;
  • 40% of those homes would be affordable;
  • Two new 2 form entry primary schools;
  • New local centre with shops, local facilities and a community hall;
  • A brand new County Park;
  • Contributions towards public transport and improvements to the highways network

A further ‘Detailed’ planning application has also been prepared which looks at the details of the northern land parcel, just off Monks Lane, outlining what the houses would look like, road layouts and materials. 

A final application was submitted, in outline, in December 2016 for land within the control of Bloor Homes Southern and the Sandleford Farm Partnership. This follows the structure as set down by the original Outline Application and covers only the land within the control of Bloor Homes Southern and the Sandleford Farm Partnership. 

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