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We think that the proposals for Sandleford Park are very exciting. We’re keen to hear what our local residents have to say about what new facilities they feel would be important to provide as part of any development, as well as how it could look.

The team will be talking further with West Berkshire Council relating to the scheme. We hope to submit a planning application in early summer 2015 for the council’s planning officers to review.  We’ll also be engaging with statutory consultees including Parish and Town Councils alongside utility providers and national bodies, in order to obtain their feedback and build it into the plans as they progress.

We’re also here today to hear your views on the proposals. What do you think about how these new homes could be delivered? What, in the longer term, should development provide for the town? How should we make sure it integrates properly with the existing neighbourhoods?

Please let us know what you think by using the feedback form

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