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Public Consultation Launched

13 Feb 2015

Bloor Homes Southern is proposing to bring forward the development of a new community and Country Park at Sandleford Park in Newbury, following its allocation in the adopted West Berkshire Local Plan. We’d like to involve you in shaping these proposals.

The land is an allocated site for up to 2,000 new homes, primary schools, a local centre and a new Country Park.

Further to this, the council adopted guidance as to how that should look, with a range of objectives for the development to achieve.

Bloor Homes Southern is looking to continue to develop these proposals into an outline planning application, establishing how the site could be delivered over the next decade, ensuring that infrastructure improvements come alongside new homes.

The proposals will contribute towards West Berkshire’s housing requirement to 2026 of at least 10,500 new homes. As a Strategic Allocation, it can also deliver education, community uses and public open space, including the new country park.

We are preparing two planning applications. The first will show the principle of up to 2,000 new homes and associated infrastructure improvements on the whole site. Alongside this will be a detailed first phase, showing the type, style and character of new homes proposed.

This first phase is the area south of Monks Lane.

We’d like to know what you think about our emerging plans to deliver these new homes. Come along to our public exhibition and find out more.

Please pop into our public consultation on

Tuesday 24 February at the Newbury Rugby Club, Monks Lane, Newbury, RG14 7RW between 3pm and 8pm. Members of the project team will be on hand to chat through the proposals.

Call us on 0800 148 8911 or email

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