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December update

19 Dec 2016

Since the submission of our Outline Planing Application in  December 2015 we have been working with West Berkshire Council, as well as other relevant parties and the community, to develop our proposals.

A further, detailed application was submitted in January 2016, on a smaller area of land in the northern part of the Sandleford Park site for 321 dwellings, which again we have been working closely with officers on since submission. We recently submitted amended plans/documentation for both applications in response to officers and public comments. Both applications are yet to be determined by West Berkshire Council, however we are committed to working with the Council, with a view to a drawing the applications to a positive conclusion as soon as possible.

Moving forward and to facilitate early delivery of this important allocated site, Bloor Homes and Sandleford Farm Partnership has prepared a further outline application for up to 1000 homes, a primary school, local facilities, significant open space including a country park. The application also covers the important infrastructure improvements required in respect of matters such as drainage, highways, cycle routes, utilities etc, which will be secured by way of planning conditions and a legal agreement.

This application covers a smaller area of land in comparison to the original application as this plan shows. This is the land within the applicant’s control. This application is designed to fit in with the wider Sandleford Park vision and reflects feedback from statutory consultees, the community and officers to date. This application is now pending consideration by West Berkshire Council under application ref. 16/03309/OUTMAJ.

You can see an illustrative masterplan showing the new application area here.

The full suite of supporting documentation can be viewed on the Council’s website, You can comment on this further application as part of the Council’s formal consultation process either online at or in writing to West Berkshire Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury, RG14 5LD.

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