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There is a real need for new homes throughout Berkshire. All the Councils have a duty to ensure that they are providing enough homes to meet their local population, and set down how they are to achieve this through their Local Plans, focussing on locations deemed suitable for future development.

West Berkshire Council adopted their Local Plan in June 2012, which assessed that the district needed to find space for at least an additional 10,500 new homes from 2006 up to 2026 to cater for a growing and aging population, alongside other demographic trends.

A thorough consultation and assessment was undertaken by the council and reviewed by an independent Planning Inspector, concluding that the land known as Sandleford Park would be suitable for a new careful and sympathetic new development.


indicative map SPD.jpg


A further separate document, known as the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), outlined in 2012 the council’s aspirations for the site and how we should seek to deliver up to 2,000 new homes alongside a new Countryside Park for the whole of Newbury. The plan above is taken from that document. Bloor Homes Southern has set out to seek to achieve the key objectives set down in the SPD, which itself saw public consultation, and show how it has influenced the proposals.

Sandleford Park Development Location

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